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Some about us.

HV Capital is one of the leading early-stage and growth investors in Europe. With a deep track record of spotting European technology winners, including the first generation of German billion-dollar businesses, and new disruptors like Flixbus, Enpal, SumUp and Isar Aerospace, HV Capital is continuously looking for the next generation of disruptors from every industry, including FinTech, SaaS, climate tech, and consumer goods. HV Capital has invested in around 225 internet and technology companies, supporting startups with ticket sizes ranging from €500,000 to €60 million, and is one of the few venture capital firms in Europe that can finance startups through all growth phases. With offices in Munich and Berlin, HV Capital has a team of more than 40 investment and operations professionals that provide a variety of perspectives and expertise across the venture capital landscape. As of 1 May 2023, HV Capital has €2.7bn assets under management (AUM). 

Join our team of +40 experts in investment, legal, finance, communications, talent and operations.

Our Commitment to our Employees

30 paid days-off

We work ambitiously in a fast-paced environment. We offer generous vacation policies above regulatory standards and encourage team members to take time off to decompress.

Training budget

We offer annual budgets to our team members to use for their personal development, training or coaching. 


New joiners are invited to join our cooperation with CoachHub and start their coaching journey there.


New joiners will have role-specific onboarding and a mentor to support your personal development and give you access to first-hand experiences and insights.

Physical Health

All employees can use an Urban Sports Club Membership and can get a company bike. Our Berlin office is also a proud owner of a DANCE bike while our Munich office has a fully-fledged gym.

Work from Anywhere

A couple of weeks per year, all employees can work from a place of their choice. We also equip everyone with the gear of their choice for their home offices. We also have two offices for everyone to use.

Flexible hours

We support flexible work arrangements that accommodate the different needs of all employees.  

Fair & Competitive Pay

Competitive compensation is part of our organisational pride. Progression is fair and objectively decided.

Environmental Policy

We reduce our carbon footprint where we can. We offset with ClimatePartner what remains. We pride ourselves that everyone at our firm is committed to sustainabilty and takes action.

The People we like.

Who we like to work with derives from the business we're in: identifying the next "big thing" and backing others on their journey, however long it lasts. It's the same way we function as a team and informs what kind of people we love to be surrounded by:

  • Curious Minds. Those who get energised by the advancement of tech and the increasing impact of startups. 

  • Relationship Builders. We take pride in and live off our long-lasting relationships with founders, colleagues, LPs and ecosystem players, and our DNA is to be in it for the long run as investors and employers.

  • Humility. We are neither loud nor take ourselves too seriously. We'd instead seek opportunities to let others shine. VC is life-long learning - we might have seen a lot but surely don't know everything. 

How we hire

Cognitive Assessment

For some roles, we will ask candidates to complete a cognitive ability assessment with a third-party provider. We have found that investors' ability to assess data swiftly and logically is a core skill. We also love that this assessment gives all candidates an equal chance to show their capacities.

Getting to know you

A first, 20 minutes conversation, where we get to know each other and align on expectations of this role. This is also a chance for you to ask first questions.

Show us your skills

(For Analyst hires only) We will provide you with a real-life example of a case you would be working on. You will have time to prepare and present your findings to us.

Deep Dive Interviews

A couple of longer, 45 minutes interviews, in which we both answer your questions but also want to dig deeper into your skills and mindset. These will be with various investment team members, so you also get to know many faces at HV.

Final chat with our GP

A more extended conversation with a GP. We value team fit over everything else, and you will also understand our DNA way better afterwards.