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Internship, Investing in Crypto (f/d/m)

Germany, Berlin, BerlinInvestment Team

Job description


My name is Jan. As a partner at HV, I am looking for someone to support me over the next 3-6 months on a very special project: how should HV approach investing in crypto?

I bought my first bitcoin in 2013. Unfortunately only one, and I let it lie until 2017. Since then, I've been very interested in understanding the crazy world of crypto, and I find the combination of cryptography, anarchy and changing the world fascinating. I'm also spending too much time on Telegram and dubious websites.

As a fund, HV has already invested in business around crypto infrastructure (e.g. Upvest, originally asset tokenisation) and brokers enabling crypto trading (e.g. BUX, Scalable), as well as a few others we can't disclose quite yet. As HV can now invest in tokens (next to equity), I would like to build a dedicated investment approach for this sector.

I'd like to bring some structure to our efforts, and need someone to help me:

  • Map the market. Where's the future? VCs seem to be gravitating towards dev tools, infrastructure and DeFi. What about consumer applications? NFTs? Would be great to identify opportunities, relevant players.
  • Decide on an optimal structure for doing these investments. Equity investments in crypto-related startups is easy. But what about tokens, especially if they're liquid quickly? Doesn't really fit the risk/return profile and timeline of our broader funds.
  • Share these insights internally. Get my (generally already knowledgeable) colleagues up to speed on the cutting edge. Perhaps create external content around this.

I think this a unique opportunity for a future investor to learn more about an exciting market, and how investing works from the inside.

I want to run this process differently (and somewhat more inclusively). Rather than asking you to upload a CV, I would like to learn about your thinking on the blockchain. So here are my questions (max 1k characters each, please):

  1. Describe what reading most influenced your view on crypto.
  2. What is your understanding of Web2 vs Web3?
  3. Please come up with three example use cases for NFTs? All examples need to be from different application domains.
  4. How does the Axie Infinity business model work?
  5. What areas of blockchain would you find most promising for a generalist VC fund like HV? Please note HV is allowed to invest in both equity and tokens.

I'm looking forward to your answers! If you click apply you can find the form. Based on those, let's talk. 

Regarding location: I actually debated whether this internship could be remote. On the one hand yes, however I'm actually a big believer in the spontaneous collaboration and brainstorming. Plus Berlin is a great city for building a crypto-related network. So I think this internship should be in person (if the pandemic allows). But happy to discuss.



Job requirements

(genuine interest in crypto)